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Think Dental Direct Mail is Dead? Think Again!

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"Think Dental Direct Mail is Dead? Think Again!"

6 Steps to Dental Marketing Quality, Consistency, And Longevity

If you’re like most of the dentists who come to us for marketing insights, you think we’re kidding when we recommend a direct mail campaign along with a solid digital campaign.

Direct mail? Nobody really does that any more, do they? It’s so old school. And it doesn’t even work. Nobody reads that stuff anymore.

Boy, does direct mail get a bad rap. And honestly, almost all dental direct mail deserves a bad rap. The majority is just a regurgitated blend of “financial offer du jour” on a brightly colored postcard, delivered to anyone who has a postal truck show up in front of their home every day. Most dental direct mail sucks. We agree.

Direct mail done as described above, deserves a bad rap. But does direct mail done the right way, deserve a bad rap? No. But you will want to keep it your secret. We recommend the way we do direct mail to any dentist looking for a tested, reliable, cost-effective way to build their business while complimenting their online digital dental marketing.

Trust us—we do this for a living and have for 30 years. The way we do direct mail works. We cross reference the results(transparency) and clients keep doing it year after year after year. In short, if you do it right – it works and pays off big time.

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